Saturday, January 8, 2011

Delicious Moments (1)

I really have written and re-written this blog out.
And meant to post it multiple times too.
Oh life and break. . .
Here are some things that can give you a few ideas about 
the delicious moments in my life right now.
(I've decided to call them delicious things in life
because I love that moment when I taste something 
and it's so good I never forget it, 
so this year that's what you get - delicious moments.)
My family. I love each and every one of them and LOVED the time home.
Shayna made apple pie in jars. It tasted yummy. I like simple beauties.
Shayna also made me chicken noodle soup. Yum.

I got to spend an evening with Katie. We have resolved to do this much more as it's wonderful.
Ashley took me home. :) I loved staying up late and reading kids books - this book is hilarious.
After never trying to read these I really wanted to and am almost done with the series! I am loving them and hope to always be like Lucy and call out for help from the right source when a  moment for faith comes.
Natalie and I had Tandoori Oven after a walk and before a movie.
Cody was a great big brother and shared pizza with me after running errands. :) Papa Johns larges are only $10 up until the Superbowl. YUM!
My mom spent a lot of time with me to make an apron of my own (I will post a picture of mine later as I am too lazy to take one now) and I love it.
I've NEVER been one to stay in pajamas all day unless I was sick. Over break I did it and I loved it. Wow. Who knew how good it felt to really let go and relax?
There are so many more delicious things in my life but there are few.

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