Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Motel of Mysteries

If you recall I mentioned reading books at my friend and roommmate Ashley's. Basically it was great (disclaimer you may need to be with the right people or in the right mood but I found it hilarious). It's a book in which the world ended in 1985 (it was written before that . . . you think they would have picked later into the future for that to happen) and how people view it 2000 years later. FUNNY. But it also goes to show we really don't know that much about what we have discovered (say like the Egyptians).

Yesterday I found a link to the book. If you have time and want to - enjoy.

See if you can find that among the images. Sort of off. No big deal.

p.s. also watch out for some phrases to add to your everyday life like "small but totally inadequate" and "Unimpressed and rather annoyed at the inconvenience."

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Cyri said...

Is it the entire book??!?! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! :)