Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I like it.
This past weekend was phenomenal.
In fact I'm beginning to truly love weekends so much.

I went to the Institute and caught up with a few friends,
Read me some Rumplestilskin (so much fun to read) with Shayna and Michelle,
and immersed myself in "A Beautiful Mind."

Cody, Robin, Blake, and I enjoyed some horse racing greatness
I accomplished some homework,
went to the store for ice cream and libations,
and hosted some of my favorite people in the world for some rambunctious fun and stories, including that of cereal being lost in outer space and about to be cooked by the sun,  
and some mental disorders.

I loved church,
enjoyed a delicious burger just up the hill, 
watched winnie the pooh (I am so excited for more this summer),
talked about life while eating microwave cake 
was informed "Everything has water in it. Even you."
had a friend drop by, 
watched the end of winnie the pooh after eating a delicious dinner, 
basked in my friendships, 
dropped by game night below to say hello.

So far the rest of this week hasn't been too bad . . .
plus it felt like Spring yesterday - glorious!
Now if I could just get all that reading done.

p.s. Raquel best be happy it snowed for her birthday - it's why I allowed it to. :)


Cyri said...

You make me happy and all warm and fuzzy on the inside. :) Love you MOST!

RoyZGirlz said...

Raquel so thanks you! Her smile made my day when she noticed it falling. Course it never snowed quite enough to send us to the outdoor ice rink, but it's all good. Happy day. Thanks for allowing it :)