Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Motivation,
I lost you. Please find your way back soon so I can finish this school year strong - you know those four papers, that presentation, two group projects, three tests next week, and oh yeah . . .finals.
The girl who looks like she needs you to get things done.
Dear Legs,
You walk fast all the time! Why has running made you hurt so badly?
The girl that can endure years of gallbladder pain
and yet complains too much about exercise soreness
Dear Projects, Papers, and Tests and Room-Packing,
Can you do everything yourself since Motivation is MIA and time seems to be winning a war against me . . . and I think self-discipline is on vacation too and distraction is far to prevalent in my life . . .?
The girl who still needs a life.
Dear Life,
Can you help me in figuring you out after I get that nice little piece of paper saying I am done with school at this present time?
Thanks muchly,
The girl who is a little lost
Dear Everyone,
I absolutely love this video:
And this:
Also Happy Birthday to
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, yesterday.
The girl who wouldn't get by without all that knowledge.
Dear Summer,
Hurry faster - but make sure you slow down when you get here
because I want to enjoy my week in the Western Carribean sunshine
and the months that follow of adventures.
Waiting patiently,
The girl who loves you but loves spring weather and will wait.
Dear People I Know,
I love you lots.
Thanks for your examples and support always.
You make me smile - all over my face - all the time! :)
Perfectly happy with this,
The girl who is super blessed.


Katie said...

Dear cute girl who I just love,

Your life sounds hectic, but we should play. Maybe go for a run? And then ruin it with a delicious treat. What say ye?


A girl who agrees that summer needs to hurry fast!

fezzik said...

Oh my gosh!
I wrote that note to Motivation and Life, too! Also Papers, Projects, and stuff.

Have you gotten a reply? Because I didn't. :)