Monday, April 18, 2011


I have a lot of random thoughts I often want to just write out right here but when I get around to it . .  . they are gone.

I remember them sometimes like I once just pondered on how much I love punny people for quite a while.
And like everyone else knows -worms smell gross (except my friend Michelle claims that smell is synonymous with the smell of rain . . . I think her nose is missing out on the real smell of rain).
Heavenly Father really does know SO much more and better than me . . . he knows what's coming and doesn't let me get ahead of myself so I am swamped beyond what I can handle . . . Thankfully he's in control of so much.

Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it - today may be an awful day where you collapse on your knees and just cry and cry but tomorrow can be better . . . in fact today can still be better if you choose to make it so.
 I have pictures for later but here is a GREAT quote from Elder Holland:
"Face your doubts. 
Master your fears.
"Cast not away therefore your confidence." 
Stay the course 
and see the beauty of life unfold for you."

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