Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I Got You"

I love the days that are really hard,
that make you see where you need to change,
what you need to do to be better
(well I am working on loving them anyway) . . .

But I love them even more when the days come that are filled with JOY
And gratitude
and just plain happy.
(days like today even though I am at work all day long - p.s. this weekend helped)

And I love the things that make life happy.
I'll catch you up on some of the events and people later
but as for now here is some SYTYCD to catch up on yourself
(you don't need to watch all of them . . .
but DO for sure watch the second to last one of the "professionals" ...
and melanie and marko):

Melanie and Marko (I am loving them):

Turn to Stone

I Got You

Sasha and Alexander

Coming Home


Clarice and Jesse


Fly Me to the Moon

Tadd and Jordan

Fade into Me

Ashley and Chris

Please Mr. Jailor

Mitchell and Caitlyn

Turning Tables - Adele

Ricky and Ryan

With Every Heartbeat

And this special number by Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian

Wow they are phenomenal.

I really love all the dancers but definitely some more than others.
What do you think? Did I miss any great ones?

p.s. I miss these two.

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fezzik said...

I miss those two as well! I was super bummed. Super.