Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letters: Numero 2

Dear Mosquitoes,
I did not give you permission to eat me for breakfast yesterday. I declare you are also not allowed to have me for dinner, lunch, dessert, or any snack in between. I don't really want to become a bitter old hag so that I no longer taste sweet - just resist temptation.
The girl who might be more sensitive to your bites than others a.k.a. the one who looks very bruised.

Dear World,
The Beach Boys still have it. Yup the "oldies" ones. They performed in Logan tonight and I got to hear them live. They sound strangely the same and I loved it.
The girl who likes "being cool"

Dear Cyri Dixon Best Friend,
You made my day with your blog post today. I needed it more than you will ever know at the moment I read it.
Your best friend who loves you most

Dear Boys,
You sometimes complicate my life. I love the Mary Poppin's song line, "Although we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stupid." Yup I agree. But sometimes as individuals you sure make my life hard too. BUT BUT as individuals you make my life fantastic and happy too.
I'll figure it out someday

Dear Life,
Why do you make things hard and why does my brain join you in the conquest? I am making the choice to live you with yes's and no regrets and I am doing what makes me happy no matter what. Oh and choosing to be happy no matter what too.
Challenge Accepted,
The girl who is figuring you and herself out slowly but surely
p.s. I am loving you.

Dear unpaid therapists Natalie, Mom, and Sam,
Thank you for your thoughts and helpful insights and love and light and examples and challenges and ideas and risk taking encouragements.
The girl who appreciates it over and over again

Dear kids,
Thanks for being who you are. Through and through. And remembering simplicity. I aspire to the simpleness of you.
A girl who is trying to simplify instead of over-complicate

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Katie said...

Dear Heidi,

Thanks for being so awesome. And hiking with me. And not laughing as I did some really awesome dances trying to repel the mosquitoes. And winning the giveaway. And being excited about it. You really rock!

Katie :-)