Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Thought of the Day

It's amazing how different the tiredness levels are between
job searching online all day


running around with friends to the cemetery,
elementary school library, 
their houses,
random parking lots and streets because you fatefully get to see them...
getting fro-yo to
celebrate on of my favoritest people's birthdays,
being a jungle gym for children,
a long drive home in the dark,
and talking on the phone late at night,
all happening on another day...

It's weird.
The first one makes you MORE tired than all that playing.

p.s. I love Logan's beauty: in the temple, in the fall trees,
but mostly in the people.
I sure did love my visit and 
I have once again come to the conclusion
that I have the best friends and family in

the end.

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