Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

...especially since it's only October the 6th.
It snowed nice and pretty today in Arco, ID.
The big blue spot is me.
 I took this photo about 2:00 pm today... just a little snow is falling...
 Approximately two hours later look at my cute little autumn tree!!!

 Yup! I wore my rainboots outside in the snow!
 Oh dear....
.... oh well!

Happy Autuminter.

p.s. don't worry about me too much,
it's supposed to warm up in a few days and be normal fall weather again! :)


Shayna said...

At first I thought "Oh that tree is so adorable" and then the next few pictures "Oh that poor cute tree" and then "The colors of the tree match your rainboots!"

elise said...

What the snow?!