Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Wonderful Week

Well last week I took the trek back home to Arco and just hung out there. I decided that I really want to just learn a bunch of things because it feels really good when you can say, I know how to do that or I have done that. Yep, I am making a list and perhaps I will post it once it is done. On that list there was learning to drive stick shift which has been there a while, so I took the opportunity to go out to my friend Natalie's house where she sat me in the truck and let me go. I didn't do much that day because the truck was hooked to a horse trailer and I would feel much more comfortable in a car . . . I never did get back to drive the car though. The rest of the week I just hung out. I did get to go and see my old boss which was very good.

Friday was Independence Day! Hooray! I got up and went to the parade in Arco with my family where we collected a bagful of candy! :D Then we just did what we do. I fixed the dog kennel gate on the side of all that too. Come dark we went up to the number hill and watched the fireworks. They were really good. I LOVE the boom . . .. amazing. And one of the pipe things holding the fireworks tipped over during the show . . . and it started quite a few fires on the hill, luckily the firefighters are the ones setting them off and the fires were able to be drenched and put out quickly.

Saturday I got up early and my mom and little sister and I went to Idaho Falls to shop for a little bit. About the time we were ready to leave my mom realized the keys were missing . . . yeah in the mall of all places. It was really weird because we had NO idea where they could be, she had had them just seconds before they disappeared and we had checked all the nearby places. So after searching the store we had been in, checking with their lost and found, and checking the previous stores we called my dad who decided to come and give us the key he had . . . an hour and a half away. We decided to go and eat which was delicious and then spent time relaxing in Barnes and Noble . . .now we were supposed to be home because I had planned a cousin get together and they had traveled out to my house . . . and of course once my dad pulled into the parking lot my mom got a call from JcPenny's saying they just had some keys turned it . . . yep! So we went home and got to finish the night playing with my cousins Pam and Heather and soon to be Thomas. (Apples to Apples Jr. can go a long time and Reba can truly make you laugh). I ended the night with Sahara . . :D

Sunday we woke up and went to church which is always good. After church we waited until Heather, Thomas, Jessika, and Kristy arrived and then we ate dinner and just laughed a lot. My cousin Jessika was talking about something and her sister Kristy said, "Jessika you need to pack an extra bottle of sunscreen when you die . . ." we were all sort of confused and then she finishes, "because you are gonna burn." Oh man it was funny. Later Jessika was reminiscing and like, "who would have ever thought that the year 2007 would come and we'd be doing this," yeah I looked at her and let her know that it was 2008. Funny stuff. We also had our remember when moments. I love my cousins! We played some more apples to apples and DDR. Then I had to come back to Logan. I love my family so much! I will post the pictures that we took as cousins in a little bit.

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