Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just some comments from life

So last night, my neighbor Will came over about 11 probably (yes I should have been getting ready for bed as I had to work in the morning) . . . well he, my roommate Steph, and I talked for a while and did the Rubik's cube a few times which is a fun skill to have. Suddenly Will decided to go all creepy. Probably due to something that came up in the conversation but who knows. So he rolled his eyes in the back of his head (well as close to that as you can get while still living) and just followed Stephanie wherever she moved in the room (with his rolled back eyes! Agh!) He also went silent and just sat there. He then started moving about and he is good at this thing . . . I would say possessively (here meaning done as well as if he was possessed) good at this. Well Stephanie and I were laughing and screaming and running around and Will was just keeping at it! He wouldn't respond to anything but knocks when we locked him out and just was creepy through the peephole on the door (I also just want to throw in there that amid ALL this screaming my other roommate Molly slept through it ALL! How I will never know.) So finally we let him back into the house because he was doing a cheesy smile . . . well then he did our DISHES . . . WhAt? Yeah and there was creepy moments during that time period too . . . when Will finally did one last scare and got one last scream from Stephanie . . . he just cracked up and said, "You girls will be the only ones to ever have nightmares about a guy doing dishes," . . . um maybe not. It was fun though. Then I had to find a way to GO to sleep . . . I did after Molly asked a few questions but kept falling back asleep before I could answer (she really did sleep through it ALL).

(This in NOT the bird in the story below, just an example of what to beware of)

Then this morning I got up to come to work, while I was enjoying the fresh morning air walking up the hill I learned a lesson that I didn't know was actually something to watch for on a daily basis . . . while I was walking under a lovely tree :) I felt something plop into my hair . . . keep in mind folks that it had not been raining, the sprinklers had not been turned on, and not it was not a leaf . . . so I bet you can't guess what had just happened due to all the context clues staring you in the face . . .yep nasty nasty stuff in my HAIR. Luckily I was not too incredibly upset because I didn't wash it this morning, but I did touch the poo and so my hands had it upon them . . . I got to work and didn't care that I could walk more, I went in and marched straight to the bathroom to clean up . . . luckily this poo was not the nasty white and black stuff you see on your cars . . . well I think that was lucky I am not sure as I don't know which is better to have in your hair, it was just some nice runny stuff . . . I am sorry, I will quit giving details and just say, that the moral of this story is . . . BE CAREFUL when walking under trees as birds do live in the ones you walk under as well as the ones you don't! :D

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