Monday, July 21, 2008

So this past week has been so crazy hectic fun! Monday we played kickball for FHE and I love that kind of fun! You know the kind where there is competition enough but in the end no one really cares who won. I had so much fun just being in the game! :D

Then Tuesday I woke up and headed to Lagoon for the first time EVER. It was so much fun! I went with my neighbor Will and like I predicted it was a complete date which was ok with me. :) We rode the rides and played miniature golf and it was so much fun. While playing golf I managed to hit the ball super hard and hit it over the 12 foot fence, yep but you know it wouldn't have happened had the ball gone up the ramp like it was supposed to . . . I have to say it was pretty hilarious though. I think my favorite roller coaster was Wicked . . . I was so scared to get on it and go up that straight up and down thing but in the end it was amazing . . . the ride we rode the most though was Rattlesnake Rapids . . . we were soaked on the ride home and before that the majority of the day.

Wednesday I woke up tired but did get to sleep in and then at 3:00 the ward and I headed to Newton Dam to enjoy boating! It was so much fun! I did the tube a few times but stopped once my face hit the water giving me a pounding headache . . . I did end up going again later! :). Then I tried the knee board . . . . the first boat that I tried it on I couldn't make it up. Later that night though I did attempt it again and was able to get up and ride . . . it was so much fun! Of course I felt ALL the activities the next day and was exhausted, yeah this was just the start of that too.

Thursday I worked the morning shift and went home and slept . . . meaning spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, Friday was almost identical without so much bedtime . . . I called my mom because I felt awful and I had friends coming up Saturday night and did NOT want to be sick. She checked a few things out and we decided that my adrenal system was shot . . . apparently I was under more stress than I ever thought (my mind has been stressed about a few things a little too much . . . breathe) and so sleeping all day was fine because I was just simply restoring my body . . . I had most the symptoms of AFS (Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome which about 80% of people get in their lifetime). . . the two that bothered me the most were of course the constant tiredness and the 'gray' feelings . . . my theme song I felt was "If your going through hell" by Rodney Atkins just because I felt so . . . so gray that is really the best word to describe it . . . well needless to say I feel better now . . . a lot happier of course my best friend Stephanie and Ashley are visiting and that just makes me happy within it all.

Oh and Friday I saw Batman: The Dark Knight . . . I will say it is super good. It did feel as though it was going to end about five times though and that kind of thing does wear on the movie . . . I also had a friend comment on how there was a lot of Batman but not enough Bruce Wayne and the Joker was more of the 'main character.' I still say go see it!

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