Friday, July 11, 2008

Wow what a week

Ok so the title may you lead to believe that something exciting has actually occured in my life this week . . . maybe even multiple things however this is misleading. Yep this week has been a work catch up craziness! As you know I took last week off to go home and so when I got back and others took off, I took their shifts so that I could catch up. 52 or so hours! That really can exhaust you! The people calling on the phones can get irritating really, luckily I enjoy working with the girls I do so I can still be somewhat happy and cheerful.

Oh last night I guess some things could be said to have happened, I was getting ready to cook dinner after a long day at work and a nap and Will came over. We played Mario Kart and then Molly came home. She cooked dinner and then her and Natalie joined us in watching Beauty and the Beast. We then made zucchini bread and cookies. Then Noah and Jason joined us for more Mario Kart. Well Lo and Behold the time flew and before we knew it was midnight and 7-11 so we just had to go and get our free slurpies right?!?! Well the poor lady working couldn't find the cups so we paid and went home, and went to bed! Then this morning I woke up got ready for the day ran a few errands, picked up a Jamba Juice with Molly and Natalie and came in to work for the rest of the day! Hooray . . .yep life is amazing all right.

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