Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Truck Pictures!

So I can only add so many pictures and that was probably plenty for you all but I just want more! :)
My dear roommate Steph and I with the pretty flowers I picked! :)
The gang on a log by the freezing creek . . . my shoes did get wet sitting here and getting up was kind of an adventure all of its own! :)
Stephanie and I posing for Joseph across the way! Dan was too hungry to pose I guess .. . or maybe that was the pose he chose, who knows. There is a bush there with berries and red flowers on it (probably a warning against eating them) . . . I stuck two in my mouth . . . . :)

But just so everyone knows I am still alive and healthy as the berry didn't leave my fingers!

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Katie said...

oh Heidi . . . Where are you?