Friday, August 1, 2008

Memories Formed Daily

So last week my best friend Stephanie came up accompanied by my other friend Ashley. It was so much fun! I love those girls! We got to travel to Provo one day to see our friend Amanda who had undergone brain surgery (to shrink it). That was a good experience, I still don't know if she remembers we were there but considering she forgot she had seen Ash and Steph ten minutes after she had pretty sure she has no idea. We did get some fun stories out of it though.

During the week we did some pretty fun stuff. Here are some pictures to prove it:

This is us tubing behind my Grandpa's boat! Wahoo! During this ride . . . Steph fell off! Later in the day we bent the metal hook (I can't spell the work carabiner) and therefore were done. Before that I pulled some pretty sweet moves on the tube with my cousin Mandy . . . pretty much I was flying off the tube and BAM the tube was still under me . . . what can I say it's talent! My lovely friends back on board the boat DID captured it on video and one day you will be able to see it!
Yes we all know we are amazing . . . that is why we are such great friends!

Haha! Accidental Kodak moment from a no so set up picture! Love it!
And this is us at my apartment complex rock! :) sweet you got to love Old Farm . . . especially when you are talking about it later and Ashley really wants to visit the old farm . . .haha. We also hit the zoo during the week but the pictures are just of us and if I am posting pictures of us . . . i chose the ones I like the most! :D

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Katie said...

Fun, fun FUN! I love tubing!