Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Trucks

So this past Tuesday my roommate Stephanie along with some of the boys went to Minnetonka (reminds me of little trucks . . . aww the good ole days) Cave up by Bear Lake. It was actually very fun and then we went and had lunch by a creek(which was so pretty and the only bad thing was the nasty bugs which I already have a bunch of bites from). Here are some lovely pictures of our adventure!

This water was freezing and I was not going to join the boys in their walking through it!
Joseph in freezing water . . . just finishing lunch!
Steph and I just chilling . . . she is enjoying lunch and I am probably waiting for a BIG mosquito to land on me so I can end it's life and stop millions more from ever finding life.
Now this picture is not so attractive . . . except for that cute guy behind me! :)
The gang . . . Joseph, Stephanie, Will, Me, and good ole Dan

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Alisa said...

Okay, so I really want to take one of those trips with you, Heidi! That looks like so much fun! And, since all those guys except for you are in my ward, that would be even more of a good idea. :) Let's do it before it gets too cold!