Monday, April 19, 2010

Have you noticed that while some sunny days are cloud-less,
most days there are some clouds in the sky.
Even on the cloudiest of days, light still reaches the earth.
In life there may be clouds even on the happiest of days,
While we can't always ignore them,
we need to focus on the suns rays.
Life has been really good lately.
My weeks have been filled with all kinds of sun,
time to relax,
and even school.

At the same time there are feelings of inadequacy,
numbness, and anxiety/frustration.
I know I choose how I feel.
I know how to get through the hard times.
I know who I follow.
I know who I am
(not necessarily everything about me
but I know what to build the foundation on).
I know a lot of truths.
The sunshine has never looked so good.

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