Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Oh blessed weekends!
Lately they have been much needed,
and have also REALLY excited me for summer.

This past weekend I got to spend in North Ogden.
I love life there
and we did a lot.

Saturday look at what I did.
Yeah 15 ft. 140 lbs.
I think I'm pretty cool.
I think this face can be contributed to the fact
that snake scales slithering through your hair is
NOT a good feeling!
Neither is having a snake wrap your leg up while that is happening

Then Sunday I went and watched Singin' in the Rain
with my friend Matt and his projector.
Lots of my other friends were there too.*sigh*
I love my connections.
AND I met new people.

1 comment:

AngieDoodle said...

Yay! I love this! Also, that I am in that picture.

But mostly I love that I got to see you. Because I love you.

Also, I was just talking about you yesterday. We were discussing how parties are not true parties unless you are present.