Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday . . .

And it was phenomenal!

Yesterday was exceptional!
The sun was shining in the morning.
I actually enjoyed Physics lab.
It was raining when we got out of Physics lab.
Michelle and I sang a little.
And does anyone else LOVE the look of wet sidewalks?
I got just enough time alone at home.
I got a warm shower.
I went to FHE and then to the dollar store with friends.
I got to be in a car that drove down the campus sidewalks.
People do it all the time,
but I don't think just anyone is supposed to. It's fun.

I even got some studying in.
Then I went to this:
With these people:
Yup Ash and Kend.
Ashley . . . but mostly notice the snow in her hair.
So good.
And super funny.
I also was able to enjoy some snowballs.
Oh and also we re-enacted a time we went to this same movie theater.
That time to see Leap Year.
A lady in front of us had her hair so much on top of her head
we couldn't see.
So we moved.

Today has also been quite magical. :)

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Elise Frederickson said...

Did you love When in Rome? 'Cause I loved When in Rome. Also, your blog posts always make me smile. You're great, long lost cousin!