Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunshine Raining Down on Me

I wrote a draft of this post more than a week ago.
This is it edited and added on to.
Sorry it's long.

Joy and Life are synonymous to me right now.
Don't get me wrong, I have my overly frustrated moments, my unclean apartment, my homework to be done, others unknowingly messing with my plans, BIG stressors, and the such, but when I sit back and do "nothing" as Christopher Robin tells Pooh Bear my life is fantastically filled with Joy.

You know those talks you have with yourself?
The ones where you make a big deal about something little?
It simply frustrates you ten times more than you would have been?
AND unknowingly it frustrates relationship growth with those around you (at least in this case).
I had one the other day and then I reached a point where it hit me,
I should stop because it's not making life better to complain and become frustrated
(no matter how many times this certain thing happens).
It was only hurting me and my relationships with others.
I talked it out in my mind and (just like my stubborn self)
wanted to resist my new and better thought
Afterall don't we sometimes feel that complaining,
seems easier to perform and feel than just letting something go
(weird how that works because it doesn't).

But you know what?
Life goes on whether I am enjoying it or not.
So shouldn't I BE enjoying it?
Whether it's raining or not. I want to take life in. :)
When asked how she is my roommate often says,
"Great, you know. Just living the dream."
I think I need to realize that more . . .
IAM living the dream, my dream.
I am almost done with a bachelor's degree.
I have a terrifical family.
Amazing friends.


Cyri said...

Dearest, I love you more than mostest know. :) You bring the joy to my life!

farfaraway said...

Miss Heidi, growing up is wonderful, but gowing better on the inside is truely amazing. I watched a movie about the princess protection program..There is a part in there where Rosie asks, Carter if the guy she thinks she loves is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside? You are beautiful! And watching you become more of all the good things is a great joy! I love you. Keep your chin up.