Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photographers and Oh Dear Summer.

"Photographers are violent people.
First they frame you.
Then they shoot you.
Then they hang you on the wall . . .
but if you're real good they'll scrapbook you."

I just thought this was funny when I can across it today.
Also if I were to write a letter to summer,
I would ask it to please come quickly. 
I can't wait to spend days doing what I want to do.
For instance I often just want to do the following:
I want to make a mud pie.
I want to climb a tree.
I want to go camping.
I want to sleep on a lake shore.
I want to read a book outside under a tree.
I want to make a sandcastle.
I want to swim in a lake.
I want to stick my feet in a creek and 
listen to the bird sing and the leaves rustle.
I want to take a nap on the grass . . .
If I have to wait - I will. 
You'll be worth it.

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