Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well you see I can explain that.
It's spring break.
And before that . . . well I had tests and stuff.
Plus nothing much to write about.

Oh spring break. How it brings back memories of this:
Oh I love adventure. *the SaraLee bagel bag is not a part of the story . . .
I miss that Black Rock Country - but mostly the fun getting there and back.

Also lately I really want to:
My family and I. We love frogs. . . and I don't think any of us kissed any in all the years we've been . . .
Go camping.

Or maybe just 
Make pizza with my friends with no worries or cares allowed.


Although I've relaxed and recuperated,
I think I need a break of some other sorts 
but I am not sure what I need to satisfy that . . .

wasn't much of a post but it's what you get for now. 

p.p.s. kend when are you coming for some guac? 
If all else fails I guess we could schedule a night and a movie 
and just pretend we are enjoying deliciousness together.

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Kendra said...

hyde!! i have to say i felt very cool when you wrote to me through your blog. i would love to come up sometime! on a weekend yeah? let me know when a good time is for you and i will try to make it! maybe eric too.. if he's not a workaholic. i've been craving guac way bad so i'm glad you said something.