Wednesday, March 30, 2011

50 years.

Yesterday (if you haven't already heard) -
debuted on DVD/Blu-ray.
This = happiness.

My roommies and I (+Shayna)
took time out of our lives to watch it
(we did homework too - yes be impressed)

At the end of the DVD this came on:
I LOVE it! 
It just radiates happiness for me.

Bless that Walt Disney man for his dream.

On another note remember this quote?
(I am assuming everyone has heard it at some point in life)
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." ~ Plato

Never in my life has this ever been more true.
Decisions to be made 
and those that have been and their consequences,
questions, doubts, fears, insecurities, health issues,
struggles of every kind from the past, 
in the present, 
or coming in the future . . .
I have been blessed to be let into some of them 
for many people and it has opened my eyes 
to the truth of that quote.
These are happy, loving, beautiful, 
talented people and they have struggles, 
struggles that are often hidden 
but nonetheless affecting their lives . . .
So Be Kind - We're all on our own journeys.
I sure appreciate when people don't bite back at me
when in my bitter mood . . .
Sorry this is such a long post but along with being kind
remember these on you trial apparent days:

I am SO excited to hear from these men 
and others like them this weekend.


Shayna said...

Heidi thank you soooo much for posting that Holland video! I needed it today more than ever. I love you so very much!

farfaraway said...

Thanks sweeti..I know you are amazing.