Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Feast of Music

I really like music and just felt like linking it up. . .
but I didn't know which songs to share,
So I did the itunes shuffle thing . . .  
three times using a grooveshark playlist
and then I picked out certain songs to share  
and still felt unsatisfied.
So now basically you are just getting a list of songs. . .

Dream a Little Dream - Mama Cass
Forevermore- Katie Herzig

Also THIS is Outstanding. Brilliant. Amazing. Beyond Words.

You can watch the 2.0 one here.

1 comment:

elise said...

first, I love you.
second, I'm entering the Paris giveaway.
third, I'm coming back to listen to each and every one of these songs, because I already love half of them, so I'm totally bound to love the other half.
fourth, I'm coming back to watch all the SYTYCD videos because, well, it's SYTYCD!
fifth, I love you.