Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Find It: Strength, Confidence, and Beauty

Today I have been blown away by some of the posts I have read.
They aren't necessarily exposing a NEW, BIG idea or anything,
but they are reminding me and some thoughts are astounding.

For instance you can go here and read what Cyri says about strengths and how sometimes we don't even notice the ones we have because they are so natural (welcome to my life of trying to write a resume - I am working on looking to see them and share them on paper though).

The you can go here and read about confidence. I really like this lady. She is happy and doing what she loves. Plus that last line in her post kind of makes you step back and go - whoa. She also has posts on self-esteem, and several on beauty here, here and here.

And then there is my "long lost cousin" Elise, who is super inspiring with her sense of purpose in life. She posted on beauty here (and I happened to be featured - boy is putting a definition of beauty down into words hard), but I love everything in that post. I think I want to say namaste much more frequently. A few more of her posts to make you happy and confident including this one here.

I have THE best people in my life.
I think I could honestly argue that to the death
because it's a really big choice to be down when they are around or sharing insight.

So just know that you are wonderul.
You have strengths, talents, and beauty!
Thanks for sharing with me! :D

p.s. sometimes our strengths are like our ideas and we don't think we are all that special or unique but like our ideas - sometimes we are obvious to ourselves but to others we are astounding.


Samantha said...

I love this! Thanks for posting it! I especially like the video because it's so true!

morgan.elizabeth said...

You should check out my friend Celeste's blog. Literally she posted this at the same time as your post...