Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great people.

We all know them. We all strive to be like them. And we all love them.

This past week my family and the world lost a great person - my Great Grandma Davies. She was a wonderful person. I remember going to her house at Christmastime and seeing her GORGEOUS trees (yes treeS- all decorated extraordinarily and themed), being fascinated by all her dolls when I was young, her always telling me how much she loved my hair when it was curled, listening to the songs about her or that she wrote with her face beaming with pride and joy, sitting in her yard watching the beautiful Snake River, along with many other little things.

She raised some of the most amazing women that I know and thanks to her I have an amazing grandma and mom. She left an extraordinary legacy.
I LOVE LDS funerals because of the knowledge that we have of the next life. Life and death are both just stepping stones on to greater and bigger things. I also LOVE that we get the privilege of reading loved ones patriarchal blessings after they die and seeing them fulfilled as well as finding comfort in them. My Grandma's had some very powerful statements that were read. The service was amazing My aunt Jeanette gave the life sketch, my mom's cousins shared memories, and my great uncle spoke - he started one sentenced with an Eleanor was and immediately corrected himself with a she is an great woman as it's unnecessary to refer to her in past tense.

I love this lady and KNOW that she has been reunited with those that have gone on before her. :)

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