Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Man of La Mancha

So last night my friends Jackie, Claire, Ashley, Kendra and I headed out to the Old Barn Theater to see Man of La Mancha which I have got to tell you was pretty darn good. I loved tons of the lines and wish I had taken a pen and paper to have written them all down. It was both funny and toyed with your emotions. Such a good performance too! Mike and Jordon and I think we saw Jordanne  were AMAZING! Here is a picture of them (I wish I had one of the whole cast or something - and OH I took this photo from Mike's photo almbum on facebook)Also funny story about the blond guy on the very right below:
My roommate Ashley swore he was Joseph Smith from the Joseph Smith movie and Jackie and I BOTH informed her it was not. Well after he was taken to be burned by the Spanish Inquisition (our row was laughing SUPER hard even though most of the audience was quite solemn- I mean come on one of us believed the kid had been Joseph Smith before) and the play was over Ashley was convinced to get to the bottom of it all. So she asked him if he had ever seen the Joseph Smith movie and he said yes and then she said, "Were you in the Joseph Smith movie? I mean were you Joseph Smith in the Joseph Smith movie?" He replied no and kind of laugh and also that some of his friends were in the Joseph Smith movie. :) Just a great ending to a fantastic night.

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