Thursday, August 27, 2009


FiRsT WeEk Of ScHoOl is over and done! Wow - at the beginning of the week it seemed as though it would drag on forever but once Wednesday was done it flew by.

I am currently taking Physics accompanied by TwO recitations and A lab, Organic Chemistry with a lab, Culinary Basics with a lab, and Art Symposium. Fun stuff here folks.

Here are somethings that I have discovered/re-discovered this week:

1. Free food is good and free food with great people is even better - Ward BBQ Opening Social
2. New roommates are ALWAYS different.
3. Summer campus is REALLY empty and LOTS of people return for school.
4. You don't get use to walking up the hill to school - even after doing so all summer.
5. You miss old roommates like crazy - especially those who have become like a sister.

And really there is a lot more but that is all for this moment! Have a great day!

New roommates are always a change - you can't get used to them the first week and you miss the old ones terribly.

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Katie said...

6. you miss old co-workers, even when the new co-workers are amazing.

Just Kidding. Glad things are going well! Love ya!