Monday, August 24, 2009

Of Working Summer Days, Parks, Sailboats, Beaches, and Temples

This past weekend was amazing. The week had been really busy and I was thinking the weekend was going to be the same. Friday at work this is what Kendra, Bethany, and I enjoyed doing for a little bit.
Bethany wanted to have a little bit of Utah hair. I was impressed.
I don't look like I got the memo for face making but I AM biting my lip.
If you can't tell our computer screens are the same and we are playing a game . . . (I was answering the phone just as this was snapped though).

Then I got to go to Logan's beautiful temple thanks to both Kendra and Bethany. :) And then taught Healthy Eating 101 with Tiffany. I then returned to work BUT after work I went and got Panda with Will and Natalie. So much fun and it was delicious. We ate it up at Lundstrum Park and we were later joined by Cyri. We had fun - here is some proof.
Natalie's park portrait.
Will being CRAZY.
I discovered some dinosaur bones.
Cyri gives life two thumbs up. :) I love my friends!

Oh so on Friday I had been talking to Bethany about how she had talked to her friend Neil and he asked if she wanted to go to Bear Lake Saturday - he was going sailing and she could join . . . if she drove but hello SAILING! So she invited me to go too. It was so much fun and I will post pictures as soon as I get my hands on some of them. And I think then I will go more in depth with the story. And that night we slept on the Bear Lake beach - not the comfiest thing ever even with an air mattress (ok that WOULD have made it better but it let out some air so it went flat) but it was still quite nice.

Sunday afternoon was the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication and it was absolutely amazing - the spirit was very strong.

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Katie said...

LOL! Love the pictures of you workin girls!