Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear USU Leaf Cleaner-Uppers

Thank you!

Love Heidi.
While you may be wondering why I am ok with people cleaning the color of fall up at campus I am looking at the picture above. I mean to clean up leaves you simply MUST make a pile and they had machines to help them do the Quad, so the piles are HUGE.
Today I had an O-chem test before my hour on the Quad with my friend Cyri and so life was meh but not bad. Then I saw them cleaning leaves up and oh how the pile was tempting me and Cyri said it was doing the same to her. Then came two people - one I knew from summer but I didn't know his name - the people cleaning them up gave us the ok to jump in the leaves and that's just what we did. While dirty and not very good tasting it was AMAZING! Kind of like this:
I wish my camera was not in some foreign state getting examined or these photos would be of me. (If you get the chance to jump into something fun - DO IT!)

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