Friday, October 23, 2009

So today I was actually reading all of my e-mails from my adviser. I found one talking about applying to med-schools written by a student. He talked about how he went and saw a medical admissions officers about what would be the best thing he could do to get into med school but did it as a confused senior instead of asking directly. The man saw through him but what he said I think can help us all in our lives. The article says:

"When he (the admissions officer) sees swarms of applicants that have covered all the bases but haven’t demonstrated particular interest in anything, he gets nervous. Why train doctors who can’t invest themselves in anything? He said he would rather have a student who is a glee club national award winner than one who has perfect grades, worked in labs and shadowed fleets of doctors. Only if applicants can truly care about something can they care about their patients.

I needed to think about how I would become a good doctor (not a good applicant)."

This made me feel a little better because grades are somewhat of a stress. I know that I need to find my passion. What I love. What I excel at. This is what a I want to do whether I decide to get a profession that includes more schooling or not so I can be the best me I can be.

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