Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh my goodness yesterday was amazing! Why you may ask . . . I can't pinpoint one reason because it was just a REALLY good day - which Tuesdays are my least favorite school days but not yesterday. Here are some things that contributed to my day:

1. We made aspirin in O-chem and things went relatively well.
2. I had a whisper conversation with my friend Alex as we passed each other on campus
3. I ran into Cyri and we got lunch and had a walk in between my firs two classes
4. I went on a walk through the cemetery with my friend Michelle
5. Physics lab was a hoot because Michelle is my partner and stuff just happened - at one point we were talking about phi (fee fi) and I just had to say fo fum. So great.
6. I didn't have any further obligations and it was a beautiful fall day.
7. I drank Gossner's milk several times
8. I went grocery shopping with Alaura and Amy at Maceys
9. We got internet again! AND in the process visited the relatives of our landlord trying to find our landlord's house - yes a great mistake.

I love my life!

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Chelsie said...

Heidi you are the cutest thing ever. You make me smile everytime I read your blog. I am glad life is treating you so well!