Monday, March 22, 2010


So I didn't capture any photos on my camera.
But I did take some on Alaura's
so I will have some soon.

Here is a look at the beginning of our trip to Mt. Rushmore.
On the road. Finally.
We stopped for shakes in Bear Lake. Yummy.
Chevron going into town has the best fyi.
We spent the first night in Rawlins, Wyoming.
It snowed. So Alaura and Michelle cleaned off the car.
Here's me at the same time.

Then we made it to Custer that day
where we swam, ordered pizza, roamed the cute little town,
and enjoyed ourselves immensely.
Then Saturday morning we glimpsed this.
And that is where this post must end due to a lack of photos.
So more photos and stories to come.
Be excited.

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