Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo Update.

Last week I got the chance to chill with some pretty great girls.
Sadly I never took the camera and captured this years adventures.
They got a few though.
And I am sure I have a ton of video footage as well.
So here are some pictures from our time together . . .
Counting to two or bein' cool?
Ok . . . sadly these are really the only ones captured,
the others are in video form.
but here are some
that I found on my camera randomly. :)
Should I list some of the ways I love my sister?
1. She takes great photos of herself.

2. She isn't afraid to sing very loud.
3. She isn't afraid of anything,
especially with ATS by her side.

4. She might not kill me for this post. . . we'll see.

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Cyri said...

It said your post had no lovely thoughts, so I wanted to leave you one. That is all. *Lovely thought*