Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Strange smells

So last night I spent an hour trying to figure out a BAD smell,
coming from our heater vents with my roommate.
It was horrible.
So much so we decided to check on the boys downstairs
and make sure none of them had died.
They didn't answer the door,
but here is the texting conversation we had.
Us: This is upstairs. We're making sure everyone's safe?

Boy: Everyone's safe from what?

Us: The gases seeping into our apartment.

Boy: Wow. Is it really bad? What's going on?

Us: There's a strange smell coming from our floor vents
that we can't place. Wanted to make sure you weren't dead.

Boy: Everyone's alive. Thanks. Well just open the windows.

Us: Good to know. Glad everyone's alive. Perhaps a mouse died.

Boy: Perhaps.

Don't worry they watch out for us too.
Once while at church,
these same boys asked if one of us had fell in the shower.

we hadn't.

Oh the joys of living in an apartment complex.

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Alaura Shefchik said...

hahahahaha. Good times. Also-- love the non existing shrubberies