Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sometimes I find joy in random things.
Like last night.
Tuesdays are my late day
and we sometimes go to Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio
The line was forever long last night so we got pizza.
When I got home I saw something resembling this:
Yeah overwhelming.
So although I had a ton of homework to due before 9:30 am
and a test to study for, I did them.
I'll admit sometimes I like doing dishes;
it's relaxing but this time there was A LOT.

However not far away in the livingroom was
my roommate Alaura, and friends Brandan and Necia.
They were watching this:
and enjoying a lot.
I really found joy in the feeling of accomplishing something
while listening to the beautiful sounds of their laughter.
I found joy in their laughter while doing dishes.
It was cool.

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Katie said...

I still haven't seen that movie - lets have a party and watch it!