Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last week I got to watch Roy and Heather's girls
while they took off with my parents
and other aunts and uncles
and grandparents on a fantastic trip back East

I also got to play with Amberly.
I didn't get my camera out as often as I should have
but here are some pictures to enjoy.
We got snow cones and went to the zoo.
We also had a picnic this same day.
It rained.
We took pictures at the zoo.
We made chalk drawings.
C and A made a ladybug and an ant.
Then due to the video here,
they decided to sing about squishing their bugs together.
I hope one day to participate in an ImprovEverywhere.

My buddy and me.
CK wanted a picture of her doing something weird on my blog.
So there you go.

We did a lot more amazing things.
And more photos may be coming soon.

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