Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small and Simple Things

I have written this post three times.
It's not working but here it is anyway. . .

Today I was thinking and it reoccurred to me
that the simple things are what matters.
They ARE the big things.

"By small and simple things are
great things brought to pass."
Alma 37: 6-7



I don't know if you've noticed but these are great things.

And while I know if someone gave me $1,000,000
I'd be ecstatic.
I also KNOW that that happiness wouldn't be like
the happiness I have when I realize the simple joys I experience daily.
(feel free to still give me the money if you were thinking about it though)

I mean yesterday I found joy in so much.

The weather.

My friends.

The Book of Mormon.

The dinner I had.

Picking up Alaura with Michelle.

The way we spent time waiting for her.


Empty parking lots.

Good songs playing over and over.

The laughter over something random.

Cyri's reaction to the laughter story.

A thunderstorm lullaby.

It's all so amazing and yet so


What simple things have you
noticed bringing you happiness today?

p.s. I just love this song.


Butterfly S'Mo'eS said...

Do you remember when that "Good Song playing over and over again" was a song that you absolutely hated? Way long time ago and it's interesting that I remember the day you said it. hehe. "Sometimes, it's the boring stuff I remember the most" Love You!

Anonymous said...

Doodleing, flip flops, double stuffed oreos, stopping at swirly slides on the way home from camp. :)