Monday, June 28, 2010


The Parade of Homes.
With Ashley.
It. Is. Amazing.
And need I say more?

Ok so I do.
It's SO much fun to just go from house to house,
walk inside, and love what you see.

Finding time to see them all was rough
working around open hours and both our work schedules.
BUT we did make it to ALL of the houses . . .
technically we only saw outside of the one in Hyrum . . .
but we would have gone inside if someone had been there
during the slotted time allowed for the house
AND we did go back to a house for a second look.
That counts right?

Nonetheless so great!


Ashley and I want to make friends with the people at
a few of the houses.

I'll let you know, how that goes.
Ashley found this small door and loved it.
Her own cupboard under the stairs.
Then we found an even smaller one in another house.
And can I tell you how MUCH I lOvE this chalkboard.
I am getting one for my house.
It just looks so GOOD.

(keep your eye out for one will you?)

1 comment:

Allison Hilton said...

It probably wouldn't be hard to make a chalk board. I know they have blackboard spray paint. :)