Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Persistent and Breathless Conquerors

This is where I live.
And it's at the bottom of a hill,
that must be conquered everyday to reach campus.
I climbed it everyday last year.
I have climbed it all summer.
Some days it is much easier than others.
But that also applies to some days it's super hard.

Yesterday to get up the hill Michelle and I made up a song.
This is not the song lyrics to that song.
It is a poem that brings me joy.

The Climb
(we haven't named it but it needed one for this so . . . ta da!)

We woke up this morning, about 6, 7, or 8
Wishing we hadn’t stayed up so late.
But we rolled out of bed (mostly against our will)
And thought to ourselves, “How are were going to get up that hill?”

We leave our apartment telling a jok e that is cheesy.
The sidewalk at first is deceptively easy,
But surely enough we didn’t get too far
Before we realized how out of shape we really are.

So we’re huffing and puffing up the stairs,
Instead of flowers and bushes we just wanted chairs.
Moaning and groaning each of us said,
“We never should have gotten out of our bed.”

But persevere we did, much to our surprise,
We looked to the top. We looked to the skies.
The last few steps were a challenge . . . until,
At least we had reached the top of the hill!

We shouted “hurrah!” and sang a fun song,
But we couldn’t be too excited for long.
Because although one victory had come to pass,
We still had to go to work and to class.

So off we did go, up, over, and toward,
One to gain knowledge, the other to be bored.
But this was no reason to fret or to frown,
‘cause later we’d have so much fun going down.


Kendra said...

i love this!! it has made me so happy. thank you.

Chelsie said...

Love the poem. I know exactly how you feel when talking about that blasted hill. I used to live in the house directly west of your apartments and then when Carson and I were first married, we lived in Canyon Terrace apartments, which are right behind the house. I dreaded walking up that hill. I always felt like a fatso because I would be trying to catch my breath after about ten steps up it. what fun, what fun! How is school going to you?