Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lesson Learned

Yesterday I was on campus until 9:30 
and that is when I saw the postcard winter wonderland.
Here' s the lesson:
Do not be leaping through the newly fallen, wet, snow 
and suddenly decide to stop 
(even if you suddenly realize you can now make a small snowman) 
because apparently wet snow makes things slick 
and you end up on your back cold, wet, and well . . .
Ok so maybe you do want to do this once in your life 
as it makes for a great memory.
Advice for your when you do:
Have a close friend witness it so you can keep laughing. . . all night.

Hooray for mistakes and unexpected surprises that don't hurt . . . to bad.


farfaraway said...

smiling now!

Kelsey said...

Thanks for putting a link to my blog on your sidebar! I think your blog is super cutie. -Kelsey from A "True Aggie" Story