Thursday, February 10, 2011


Do you know where I always really enjoy walking past on campus?
Elementary school recess.
The kids are so happy.
It's just a joy filled moment to take it all in.
To see them running around smiling.
Boys chasing girls and vice versa.
Groups of two or three standing and talking - probably putting pieces of imagination together.
It brings back memories of my elementary school days.
Days of PURE imagination and magic.
Filled with thoughts like this:
 And adventures such as those found here:
The trailer can't be embedded but click here and you can see what I mean.
And if you haven't seen this movie: DO.
I miss those days.

I highly encourage walking through recess someday.


Betsy Grewe said...

I just saw that movie and it was cool because it's in Portland like me. Except it didn't rain once. I feel something was not entirely accurate. Very cute though- and not just Uncle Hobart.

elise said...

I love love love love love Ramona!!!