Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Peek Inside My Head

"Sometimes it feels like life puts you in a bottle,
shakes you around,
and then tips it upside down,
isn't it great how that actually makes it easier to get out?"
 And then you are stronger or smarter too.

Apparently the thought that crossed my mind this morning
about wearing my snow boots wasn't completely random . . .
welcome new snow! . . . again. 
(I think next time I'll actually wear them).
Life literally gave me lemons a few weeks ago 
and so tonight I am literally going to make lemonade with them.

Sometimes I feel like Rapunzel and wonder this . . .

. . .then I remember that life happens everyday.
It's in the mundane, the crazy, the laughter, 
the tears, the nothings, the ups, the downs, 
the fear, the faith, the hopes for the future, 
the joy in the past, and the moments of the present.

So I look forward to the future, 
relish the past, 
and try to live my best life today.

Happy Thursday.
p.s. I love the quote found here.

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