Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am so incredibly thankful I was born in America.
I haven't really thought about being born elsewhere,
but at the mention of that it is a very odd thought.

I love those who have helped build and "maintain" our great country.
When I was at Deseret Book last night 
my roommate an I saw this painting:
I love how there are people from throughout time representing EVERYONE in it.
Go here and read about each of the people and their impacts.

While I am on this subject I want to throw in things from my most favorite book in the whole world:
The Book of Mormon
I have been reading the last few chapters or Mormon and they are amazing. I love how Moroni discusses the last days and seeing us and how we are and he wonders why we are so pride filled and why we seek after riches, it makes me sad as I realize the truth to it all. Then he bares HIS testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ.

It all makes me see how I want to become better and how I can.

Then in Ether I love how the Lord talks of this land, our land, AMERICA, being the choice land above all others and it gives me chills as I think over history and think of the miraculous Revolutionary War and the men and women that helped to achieve the founding of the United States of America and what has commenced here since.

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Shayna said...

There's also something in the book of Mormon that talks about those who go against "America" and not prevailing or woe unto them etc. something to that effect. So basically during the revolutionary war, Britain had failed before they began.