Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Day in My Life.

So thinking about today, last night was not so happy.
I had to get up early to study,
I worked at 7:30 AM (luckily I continued to study there)
Had a final at 11:30 after which I returned to work until 5.

However. I got to work with my sister! :)
And later Cheryl :).
I learned the best way to take a test is
with a pint of Aggie Ice Cream by your side 
provided BY the teacher (love my major)!
My good friend S called me - I have not talked to her in a while!
So far those are the things I am relishing but later today I get to have a grocery store adventure with Kend and Ash.

And in celebration of finals week I get to dine here with Michelle.

Never underestimate how an expected bad day can be the complete opposite.

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