Sunday, December 19, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Sadly I didn't keep up with Christmas
But I did try to remember in my own life
Sadly some days I didn't remember until the end of the day
but those days were great.
Here are a few things to keep remembering:

Sometimes amidst the commercialism of it all this is how I feel.
I love that Christmas can be all year long though!

Linus' classic Luke 2 scene.

I am not really a Charlie Brown fan,
but this is worth watching every time.
Again, remember His life and not just His birth.

Quick story.
Last weekend I went to a Christmas concert
put on by the LDS Institute
and USU Chamber Singers.
It was phenomenal. 
The songs were amazing and the talent was outstanding.
In between songs they shared a few stories,
This was one of them and I LOVE it.

I don't think this needs any words.

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