Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remembering Christ.

The other night in institute I had the best lesson on the Atonement
and the Life of Christ I have ever had.
As we talked about the Atonement's purpose to make each of us better,as well as the importance and need for Christ in our lives 
(in YOUR life and in MY life), 
it was incredibly overwhelming.

As Christmas comes I want to remember what it is REALLY about each and every day.

You get to be a part too.

What I want to emphasize doesn't come until about 1:00 into the following clip and only goes to 4 minutes. . .

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "What Child is This."
I love pondering that question.
During this Christmas season, we often remember the child in manger, But let us not forget the Man that child became.

AND let us remember the tremendous, 
PERSONAL atonement He made for each of us, 
allowing Him into our lives, 
and letting Him make us all the best we can be.

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